Jennifer Abel  Challenge your status quo and unleash the inner genius By Fatima Gorezi  Jennifer Abel is an empowerment specialist and entrepreneur passionate about technology and innovation. With a mind wide open, ready for adventures and driven by curiosity, Jennifer was always eager to follow her heart and make her aspirations a reality from a young age. After figuring out for herself how to bring dreams to life and working together with many ambitious people on making their visionary and passionate projects a reality, she wanted to do more. Therefore she started a business around empowering people to successfully realise thrilling projects and achieve great things in life. She help them develop skills, grow as individuals, become empowered in everything they do and ultimately – to thrive! Tell us about your childhood and upbringing. How did it help you to become who you are today and how would it reflect on your future? During my childhood, we moved around a lot: I grew up in Germany and the US. When I was six years old my parents got divorced. Due to the fact that my surrounding kept on changing very frequently, I got very good at adjusting to new environments rather quickly. This helped me to be very open minded and flexible. As the eldest of three children, I took on responsibility at a very early age. Being a role model, sharing my knowledge and insights was from early on very natural to me. Who has motivated and inspired you towards success? My parents definitely had a strong impact on me, showing us kids the possibilities we have and how to follow our aspira [...]

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