Sabine van Egeraat –Daring to be vulnerable is a vital part of the journey to become more confident By Fatima Gorezi Sabine van Egeraat has been a business entrepreneur for over twenty years now. Her services are in international communication, helping teams and professionals to create effective communication strategies. Sabine has lived and worked in different countries across the globe, which has given her a very broad experience and many examples to enrich her work. Her purpose in life is decreasing stereotyping. Sabine has experienced many times how stereotyping has a negative effect on collaborations and growth. She is very committed to fulfill her purpose and since stereotyping is not tangible, is defining new innovative services to create awareness and help professionals grow. How do you help teams and companies to create effective communication strategies? Effective communication isn’t easy in general, let alone when professionals from different backgrounds and business cultures have to collaborate. In our viewpoint, it is important to define a beginning, a starting point. What is going well and where do you see improvements? What is your objective as a team member and what are the team objectives defined by the company? Based on the answers to these questions, we are able to see where communication breaks down and where new insights will lead to a more effective outcome. Based on the VR stories in our communication program, we support professionals in setting up a communication strategy that works and that delivers theresults they aimed for. What is the big [...]

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