Anna Chainska Discover Your Feminine Power – The Art of Being a Woman By Fatima Gorezi Anna Chainska is UK-based emotional healing expert.  Anna combines her extensive knowledge of human psychology, shadow work, and theta healing into her a one-of-a-kind integrative approach. She is an Advanced Mindset coach, Psychodynamic Counsellor, Theta healer & Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Anna is the founder of True Bond Therapy; the place where you become your true self. Anna helps people to get to the roots of their emotional suffering, helps to find the life purpose and the true passion, loving and fulfilling relationships, exciting carrier path and healing on a physical level. True Bond Therapy focuses on supporting you in creating the true connection with yourself and getting to know yourself, your desires, dreams, and dislikes. True Bond Therapy is about helping you to step into your true power that is hidden inside your heart and soul so that you can live a fulfilling life with no regrets. Her passion is to help women to connect to their feminine power; to manage their energy so that they become responsible for their own health, their business and their lives. What can you tell us about your background? I was born in Poland. After I finished University and became a Master Engineer, I came to England. I realised that my passion and purpose was different from what I originally studied. I decided to qualify to become a Psychodynamic Counsellor and for 7 years I worked in a High-Security Psychiatric Unit. I have had my own private practice and I also worked for a charity t [...]

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