Dr. Sonja Stribling Every woman has the opportunity to walk in her POWER! By Fati Gorezi Dr Sonja Stribling first came to the attention of Global Woman magazine as a speaker at the Best You Expo Long Beach California in March 2018.  She was then booked to be a speaker at the Global Woman Summit in New York in July. Dr Sonja speaks with a passion, vibrancy and energy that mesmerizes her audience wherever she speaks. She comes from a huge family and tough childhood, including a horrific experience that she was fortunate to survive.  In this interview she shares with us what drives her and her mission in life. How can you describe your early life?  Challenging, confusing and overwhelming. I was the twelfth child born to a mother who was a housekeeper and a father who was a sharecropper.  I had my first child at the age of just fifteen. Therefore, I had to grow up fast because of the added responsibilities.  At seventeen, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and found myself in the car with a man who raped me and left me for dead in a field to die.  My life was forever changed at that point. My mother was very supportive and ensured I attended college and I was very grateful that I got a full scholarship to play basketball.  This got me out of the small town where there were no opportunities to become who I needed to be to help change the world. What made you interested in motivational speaking? I have known for quite some time that I have a story that to tell that would inspire, empower and shift the one who heard it.  I simply wanted women to give themselves p [...]

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