Ekaterine Maisuradze I believe in the power of Georgian women and Georgia By Fati Gorezi  As the CEO of International Relations Centre and the director of Global Education Institute for the last ten years, Ekaterine Maisuradze has been successfully managing the companies, and challenging all staff members to grow personally and professionally. She brings with her more than ten years of experience in medicine, education and tourism. Ekaterine is actively involved in doing business that contributes to expand economic prosperity and opportunity. Union of Business ladies is mentored by her, who has achieved commendable fame as a successful entrepreneur in Georgia and internationally. How do you remember your early life? I remember my early life as quite complicated and full of obstacles. During the period I immersed in business, “women in business” was a completely new trend and lots of people didn’t wish to see me among successful business individuals. Many of them didn’t support the future development of my career, therefore, my mission and purpose were not easy tasks to accomplish at all. Lots of effort was carried out by me in order to achieve my goals, find my niche in the business sector and stand for my invaluable principles. However, overcoming those challenges were needed to gain experience and enough knowledge for the following success. How do the big ideas come true in your business? I am a president of Union of Business Ladies (UBL), which aims to create connections, grow networking, give more opportunities for women, highlight their interests and needs [...]

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