Elif Mucan ‘We all can contribute to a greater cause in this life’ By Fati Gorezi Elif Mucan was born and raised in Germany and has Turkish roots. She has always been curious about different cultures and so she decided to study ‘International Business with Intercultural Studies’. She has always loved to get to know new people, to hear about their personal stories or motivations and her passion is to empower them, and to understand what their natural strengths are. This way she can then guide them to invest in those strengths. Her desire since being a young girl was always to be self-employed which became a reality by the age of 28. Who/What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Ever since I was a child, I wanted to have my own Company one day. While other children played with toys, I often pretended to have my own Company and created things like folders and employee records. My Grandfather was an entrepreneur which inspired me as well. The desire to make my own money by creating something on my own was a driving force since my childhood and grew bigger over time. How do you define your purpose in life? My purpose in life is to add value to people by empowering them. I want to help people to focus on their true self and the value they can bring. Once people realise their own value, they stop trying to conform to socially imposed ideas such as ideal jobs, beauty, and living standards. Achieving this state of mind, they become resilient, confident, and satisfied with who they are. When people stop being preoccupied with themselves, they in turn can add value to othe [...]

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