Elvira Fetahu – When Business Meets Education By Viktorija Getneryte Elvira Fetahu was born in Elbasan, Albania. She is as an entrepreneur and a lecturer of Marketing at the University of Elbasan. Since the age of 15, she has been working every day in her family business which was established in 1991 by her parents. Currently, she is holding the position of Import Manager dealing with world-wide imports for the same business. Her company is in the home appliance business, specifically trading wood burning stoves, fireplaces from leading companies to Albanian customers. Alongside being passionate about business, Elvira has been part of academia since 2009. She has a master’s degree in International Marketing and Business, and a PhD in Marketing. Elvira is also an excellent teacher, she says: “My mission during every class is to share my knowledge and to inspire students so they can fulfil their dreams after finishing university”. How your upbringing defined who you are today? My family made me who I am today! For my parents’ education has been a priority, so they have made a great effort in motivating and inspiring me to work hard during school years and thanks to them I have always been very determined towards my education. I got an American undergraduate degree in Finance, a Master’s degree in International Business and Marketing, a PhD in Marketing in which I had the possibility to do research fieldwork in two European countries, Flensburg, Germany and Milan, Italy and a Post PhD at the University of Bologna, Italy. The experiences in European [...]

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