Kiera Chaplin – Embrace your power By Viktorija Getneryte Kiera Chaplin is a British / American actress and model. She is the granddaughter of the filmmaker Charlie Chaplin and the great-granddaughter of the author Eugene O’Neill. Aged sixteen, Chaplin moved to Paris, where she was signed up by the modelling agency NEXT Model Management. In her modelling career, Chaplin has appeared in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle as well as the 2002 Pirelli Calendar.She was awarded a “Lifestyle Icon” award by the Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle in 2010. In addition to modelling she has expressed herself in different fields as a novelist and movie producer. Trendy and non-conformist, Kiera seems to be very passionate about women empowerment. She has done a great work with charities and educational organisations. Her everyday motto is “A day without a laughter is a day wasted.” (by Charlie Chaplin). She like and enjoy being as she is , having the life as she has and she has only a important advice for women and young girl, to be their self and to keep dreaming Tell be about yourself in a single word. Wow that’s hard… adventurous Our readers are very curious – what is it like to be film legends’ Charlie’s Chaplin’s and Oona O’Neill granddaughter? I feel very lucky. They are such an inspiration to me in many ways and they were loved by so many and that love gets sometimes directed towards me for just being their grandchild. In an interview for People magazine, you said: “A lot of people today know the image of him, but they don’ [...]

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