Emine Suleyman : Live your own Legend By Gulia Lucci Emine Suleyman is life coach and mentor to hundreds of budding entrepreneurs, aged 31, and based in London. She is the former founder and managing director of ‘Devour Enterprise’, a sales and promotions business operating within the third sector. Emine has a new book out entitled ‘Aliya’ which is best described as an “evolution of the traditional diary” – a comprehensive productivity tool designed to support budding entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions – and a life companion for people who wish to identify their purpose, whatever that may be, and move towards achieving it. Emine you are such a successful woman – How do you describe your life progress? My life progress can best be described as a series of constant knock backs and then small wins and it’s a cycle I’m getting used to. Before I succeeded in building my first company that achieved a healthy profit, I had two other companies that didn’t amount to much. It’s not until afterwards that I realised how essential those lessons I learned in the first businesses that didn’t work out were to me. We tend to read about the people we admire for their successes and hear the same story from their experiences. Thomas Edison had thousands of attempts at creating the lightbulb before it worked, JK Rowling was turned down by more than ten publishers before one backed her, James Dyson was turned away by many vacuum cleaner companies for over a decade but now has the best vacuum cleaners you can buy. This cycle is everywhere. We all [...]

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