Every day should be International Women’s Day   Today, Friday 8th March is an important day in the history of civilization and the modern world. It is the day that brings to our collective memory the struggle of women around the world to secure their rights and shape more equitable societies. We celebrate this day not only to recognize and appreciate the contribution of women all over the world, but also to reflect on the work yet to be done. It is a day to think about the thousands of women whose voices aren’t heard, whose emotions aren’t heard and are excluded from realizing their dreams and having the life they deserve. Does this sound like what we do every day at Global Woman? I believe so. We truly believe that it is time to treat women as equals and give them the respect they deserve, to remind them of their power and importance. Among other things in ‘Global Woman’ we believe that ‘Old Paradigm’ behaviour needs to be replaced by a ‘New Paradigm’ approach, where men and women can work together in a climate of mutual support and co-operation to put an end to unacceptable behaviour. With the mission to empower women everywhere, to provide exposure, mentorship and to develop them into socially conscious global leaders, Global Woman has hosted hundreds of events for them, helping and advice them how to overcome the dark zone, take action and reach the highest potential in their career and turn their ideas into a profitable one. International Women’s Day helps us celebrate both past and present and create an opinion in our mind how the fut [...]

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