Edona Lloncari From refugee to entrepreneur – How to deal with life challenges By Fatima Gorezi  Edona Lloncari is an Albanian young lady who has been living in Belgium for more than 20 years, having migrated there due to war in her country. She has a masters degree in Human Resources. She has worked for some years in the corporate world, but soon realised that she was not happy with the idea of having to work from 9 to 5 everyday. Eventually, she decided to open her company, Translating&Interpreting. CO. After 7 years in this sector she decided to work in the MLM sector and since then she has been living her best professional years ever. She is now a successful businesswoman helping people to develop and create the lifestyle they want. From refugee to entrepreneur: What does it take to build a new career like Edona? Starting all from scratch is not easy.  Having to leave your home town to re-build life in another country, where one has to learn the local language, is actually pretty difficult.  After completing a degree in Public Relations and a Masters in Human Resources, I got an employee job at Carrefour, at the headquarters in Belgium.  After 3 years, I decided I didn’t want to work for someone else, so I opened my own Translation/ Interpreting Co; Worked for a little over 7 years in a row as T/I. However, I started to feel I was not doing enough.  I was not using all my potential, so started to think about what I could do better, to help more people, not only in Belgium but elsewhere as well. Hence using my 6 languages (as a translator I was limited [...]

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