MAKING THE LOCAL GLOBAL AND THE GLOBAL LOCAL Friday, 16 MARCH – 2018 08:30 – 11:30 Global Woman Club is an ever growing network where members enjoy many benefits, including the delightful breakfast served in a wonderful setting. What we really love about the Global Woman platform is that it brings together a high quality of women from all around the world and they feel comfortable with each other….. In every gathering we feel that we are returning back home. BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE We welcome you to the launch of Global Woman Club in New York  with our leader Mindy Gibbins -Klein, with the first breakfast on 16 March the heart of New York, this will be an experience not to be missed. The model for the Global Woman Club breakfasts runs something like this: Arrive at around 8.30am, help yourself to tea/coffee or orange juice and the buffet breakfast and then do some initial networking, introductions and say a few words possibly on the Facebook Live video, as Mindy Gibbins -Klein, your host and organiser, introduce you to the Global Woman community. Mindy will start the event at around 9.10am to introduce herself and give an overview. At Global Woman Club breakfasts, club members are all given the opportunity to speak for two minutes to the room and first time attendees can sign up on the day and immediately enjoy the additional benefits. They share their personal story, or their mission and vision, and talk about their business. There is no set order for speakers, some prefer to speak earlier, others later. After about an hour there is a break for a drink, a li [...]

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