Harpreet Chana- My formula for success   By Fati Gorezi Harpreet Chana is a qualified pharmacist, PRINCE2 Project Manager, a member of the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals and is now an international speaker who is completing her training to be an ICF accredited executive coach, as well as running her own consultancy business.She is now working towards becoming a certified executive coach, helping other professional women achieve their goals and ambitions but with optimal balance in their lives. Harpreet is a massive advocate of openly discussing and promoting women’s mental health, something which is sadly still heavily stigmatised and regarded as a taboo subject. How would you describe your early life? Growing up, life wasn’t always easy. Born into a family of five siblings and as a first generation British Asian with very traditional Indian immigrant parents, I always struggled to balance the two cultures effectively and my parents resisted the intrusion of this new alien culture massively. I never forgot where I was from (I wasn’t allowed to!) but I also never forgot where I was born and I wanted to take the best parts of both cultures on my journey into adulthood. I battled daily against the confines of my religion and culture and its arcane, outdated and prejudiced views of women. I suffered in silence with bullying and abuse as a young child because of fear that I would be judged and blamed by family /the wider community for what had happened to me (which was something I had little or no control over). I was lucky enough to have 3 elder sister [...]

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