Saima Noureen Butt   Helping women learn how to reclaim and enjoy childbirth Saima Noureen Butt is the founder of Reborn Woman University, mother of 4 children, entrepreneur and future holistic healer. Enduring her home-birth experience with her fourth child via a preparation based on special holistic method, she found out that pain must not be a part of giving birth. She created this platform for women who want to live an extraordinary life with health and energy every day, keeping their body functional by staying biologically young. The Core Programme of the Reborn Woman University is “Own the Birth”. It empowers Women to overcome their anxieties and negative beliefs about their health issues, pregnancy obstacles and birthing risks. Saima Noureen is passionate about empowering women worldwide to help for a wonderful birthing experience and shift new generations mindset about birth. Please introduce yourself to our readers and explain a little bit about your personal and professional experiences, and how you approached holistic healing. My name is Saima Noureen, I am a 4-time mother, an entrepreneur, a naturopathic practitioner and the founder of Reborn Woman University.  Born in Pakistan, I moved to Germany at the age of 10. I completed my studies in IT in Frankfurt, where I met my husband. For years, I managed the office of our vehicle-cleaning company, but my main dedication was my family, where I raised four children. The first 3 births where very painful and with a lot of fear involved. Following my father’s stroke, I started to become interested in Naturopa [...]

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