By Mirela Sula In life, we have met many people who have tried to hurt us. It is likely that we will meet them again. Deep inside us it is normal to feel rage and anger boiling. And often these thoughts that can boil inside of us give us the intricate feelings and the links of our life. Anger does not improve our life at all. This is why we must resist the tendency to be fed with negative feelings, which are heavy burdens for our mind. But when the anger is taken away, it means we can move away from the emotional injuries that are deeply rooted in us. This is why the relationships filled with anger bother us from the inside and they often complicate things tremendously. It causes us grief and pain until we arrive at generalizations like: “Nothing goes right in this world.” This way of thinking brings about lack of hope and it ruins our equilibrium that the mind needs. Ultimately, we may fail to find our inner peace. Forgive Those Who Have Hurt You… This anger that is accumulated over the years is not only a rage against those who have done us wrong but a sign against us, which tells we have lost the peace of mind. This means we may be angry with ourselves. Often we are overwhelmed by obsessive thoughts which force us to project the pain inward in order to continue forward. Who said that the world is fair? It would be better if we could just discard the illusion that life should be entirely fair. Focus on the blessings of life itself and avoid the chronic comparisons of ourselves with the luck of others which are not useful at all. In my lectures on meditation I ha [...]

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