Talia Adika How technology is influencing the health  insurance industry By Fatima Gorezi Talia Adika is an International Health Insurance Professional based in USA, who guide entrepreneurs, small business owners throughout the world. She is in a unique position to help time-challenged entrepreneurs become more productive and profitable by helping them find the Health Insurance they need for their employees which saves a lot of time and money. Time and money that they need to grow their business and explore new endeavours. With a core value of integrity, innovation and growth, she seems to have found the formula of success. She shares with us some of the secrets behind the life of an entrepreneur and speaks about new trends in the healthcare industry. Please introduce yourself and background in the International Health Insurance market: My name is Talia Adika. I have more than 8 years of experience in the healthcare industry. My organisation and I guide entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the world with their healthcare needs. Healthcare in the USA is like navigating a maze. Our expertise and knowledge guides decision makers in the right path towards making cost saving decisions while navigating benefits according to their personal needs. Every situation is different and needs to be catered to, in a very personal way. In such a crowded market, what has been the main factor behind your success? My core values are integrity, innovation and growth which are major factors behind my success. In the Healthcare industry we tend to meet a wide variety of people. We [...]

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