Tiba Al Khalidy How to have it all as a female entrepreneur By Lea Steuri Yes, female entrepreneurs can have it all. A great example is Tiba Al Khalidy. She is an accountant who turned business & growth mentor, and a serial entrepreneur. Over almost two decades, Tiba has successfully run businesses in the manufacturing, property development, accountancy, and business consultancy sectors. Along the way, she has recognised her entrepreneurial gift and more importantly, her capability and passion to help other business owners and entrepreneurs achieve success with their business ventures. She has helped small-business owners over the past 20 years to increase sales, profitability, cash flow, business expansion and streamline operations. As well as improving efficiency, implementing systems and building good teams. What made you interested in coaching and entrepreneurship? I have always been interested in helping people, especially women, to achieve and grow in their personal and business life. I was coaching women I met in my life without even realising it. Their successful results and the feeling of joy I received from providing that service, gave me clarity that this should be my mission; empowering women to be the leaders in their lives and to have the freedom to choose what they wish to achieve in life. Too often, women hear: “You can’t have it all.” It’s simply not true. Women can have whatever they wish. Of course, there are trade-offs in life, but that’s what we work on together when I coach – we decide what it means to the [...]

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