Veronica Tan I am born to make a difference, not just to make a living Veronica Tan was born in Malaysia to entrepreneurial parents and with a natural instinct and talent for sales and entrepreneurship from a very young age. Faith in God plays a huge part in guiding everything she does in her personal life and in business. Veronica and her husband Richard Tan have run Success Resources for many years with complementary strengths, Veronica based in London and Richard in the US. Veronica reveals exclusively to Global Woman magazine, her unique personal and business relationship with her husband and the secrets that make it successful for both in each, the challenges they have had to overcome and the turning point with National Achievers Congress, which has taken them to the phenomenal and renowned global success that they are today.      How was life for you growing up in Malaysia and Singapore? There is a quote I really like of Malcolm McDowell from the book, Outliers: “Who you are, cannot be separated from where you come from.” Yes, I was born in Malaysia and at the age of 8, my family and I moved to Singapore. I grew up in an environment of entrepreneurship where my parents worked very hard, leaving us, the children, very independent with lots of freedom in the household. At a very young age, I was already exposed to selling, communicating and negotiating with strangers in our family retail business. There is a reason why we are born into certain    families and environments. My upbringing propelled me to become the person I am today, and I am forever grateful [...]

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