Urszula Ayache I chose entrepreneurship as a career because I wanted to be free By Fatima Gorezi Urszula is an integrator and a leadership & growth skills coach & mentor, helping purposeful female entrepreneurs run their business so they can focus on the strategic and creative part of their entrepreneurial journey. She specialises in working with ambitious & driven women with a ‘go global’ mindset who have a virtual team, consequent revenue streams and who need assistance in managing back-end of their business. She also helps those female entrepreneurs become powerful leaders by scaling their business in no time via coaching and mentoring. How has your experience influenced your development and today’s success?   For the last ten years, I have been working for smaller and bigger companies, as well as huge corporations. I was an analyst to begin with and I quickly progressed into more leadership and management roles in organisations I worked for. I learnt a lot about what it means to be a great leader and how to work with people from over the world on digitally challenging and disruptive projects and in virtual environments. I would definitely not have been here today if it was not for what I have learnt from my employers and from colleagues – not only in the sense of what’s working but also, what to avoid and what fails when running projects and businesses. All the experience I gained working in international software development projects allowed me to develop a framework, based up by academic research I have completed it with, th [...]

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