Ils Sterckx – Fashioning the Future! By Fati Gorezi Ils Sterckx, is a fashion entrepreneur based in Belgium. Ten years ago, Ils graduated at University with a Masters’ degree in Business Communication and Roman languages (French and Spanish). During her studies it was clear she wanted to work in the fashion industry. Ils goal was to work in a Company where they distribute international brands in Benelux. After her studies she immediately started as junior Sales Manager for fashion labels such as Liu Jo, 7FAM, Michael Kors. Ils has now run her own fashion company for five years. One year ago, she started the MATUVU Fashion Academy, where she helped entrepreneurs and starters in fashion grow and develop their business. How do you describe your early life, your university time? As a student what were your dreams and passions? My years as a student were unforgettable years; living on ‘my own’ without having the responsibility to pay for it, living in a big city, my friends just around the corner, walking to the courses, having drinks at my place, partying in the weekdays…it was amazing!  As a child I lived in the countryside and living in a big city was always my dream. As student in Roman Philology, I had to read a lot of literature and spent hours in the library. When I was there I always went to books about fashion designers and trends in fashion over the years. So, my passion was already there; the fashion industry. I also loved shopping and was one of the most stylish students at school (ask my friends ;-)). Beside my passion for fashion, I alway [...]

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