Nora Weller  Important global issues have been pushed forward by women alone        By Nika Jazaee Nora Weller is the director of Cambridge Academy of Global Affairs a platform which provides consultancy on foreign policy and training for government officials and executives. She is also the founder of ARTUM, an internationally focused platform on Art and Cultural Heritage. We met her in London to discuss her involvement in current global affairs and her passion for art and preservation of cultural heritage. Nora was born in Kosovo during the time that Yugoslavia still existed; her school years became jeopardised due to the conflict and she eventually left the country. She is raised in a mix of cultures and is fluent in eight languages. She studied International Relations and Conflict Transformation in Vermont, Transitional Justice in South Africa, Law at University of Cambridge, and specialised in Art Law in Los Angeles. Her journey is like no other, her passion for peace building, gender balance, social equality and cultural promotions is recognised internationally as she is a board member of important establishments in London and Cambridge. Recently in London, Nora directed an exhibition on Feminism and Art, where she told us about how important it is to look deeper at the role of women in diverse societies and the feminist factor, also why the refugee crisis is close to her heart and her personal commitment in providing help.   Photo Credit: Ilir Rizaj   Tell me us a little more about yourself, your work and your passions? I am a lawyer, I have worked fo [...]

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