In The Presence of Greatness   With Founder Mirela Sula, and two incredible guest speakers – Dr. John Demartini, Founder of Demartini Institution and Dr. Hetem Ramadani Founder of Salbatring. By Viktorija Getnerytė Sunday 23rd September was a special day for Global Woman Club at the luxurious Bloomsbury Hotel in central London. It started with the networking breakfast, where entrepreneurial women are able to connect with each other, share their passion for business and get energised for the day. It is a perfect place to be for a woman, who would like to start their business and follow their passion, but do not know where – they can meet like-minded people, ask them for advice, and find inspiration and motivation. But likewise, it is a spectacular opportunity for women that own a business and are in charge of their own path. They can network and find companies or other entrepreneurs collaborate with. Have you ever asked – how can I empower myself? Well, Founder of Global Woman Club, Mirela Sula, has a simple answer: “If you want to empower a woman,  give her a microphone”. Global Woman Club members are given a platform to speak up and share their entrepreneurial journey, and find power and enjoyment for public speaking in a safe and accepting environment. Sunday’s event was no exception.  First time attendee, business coach Hiroo Chothia, said: “I arrived today as a guest at the Global Woman Club event and first of all, was very pleasantly surprised by the cosmopolitan atmosphere. I met very interesting women from all around the world, starting w [...]

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