Jeanine Hofs – “Master your energy” By Fati Gorezi Jeanine Hofs is the founder of ‘Recharging for Women’, a best-selling Author, renowned Therapist and a Teacher and Mentor in ‘personal energy management’ based in the Netherlands. In this article you will read more about this strong woman and will get acquainted with her success story. Jeanine shares her experience and the secrets of her success and tells us about her mission; to enable women all over the world to manage their energy so that they become responsible for their own health, their business and their lives. She speaks with a passion, vibrancy and energy that mesmerizes her audience wherever she speaks. Could you tell us more about your childhood, and how your upbringing has contributed to the life that you lead now? When I was nine my father started his own business and opened a yoga studio. So healthy living and energy have always been important topics at our home. It’s not surprising that I ended up in the business of energy management. My passion for helping women in matters concerning personal energy, started with the Western approach; after university I ended up in the family business which had grown into a health club at that time. For 17 years I worked as a certified fitness and health trainer, and nutrition coach. In this way I helped and trained thousands of people improve their health and energy. So, I can tell you everything about energy, down to cellular level, from mitochondria to adenosine triphosphates. But for me it got really interesting after I discovered the Oriental secrets to [...]

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