Lilli Rohde and Maike Benner From the Corporate World to Entrepreneurship – How We Found our Path  By Fati Gorezi Lilli Rohde and Maike Benner are  the founders of MaL!sh, an ‘International Business Consultancy and Coaching’ Company. Combining their experiences and strengths in people management, financials, tools and systems, communication and leadership, MaL!sh offers a variety of services. MaL!sh focuses on teams – concentrating on a Company’s processes and people as well as international training in different cultures and countries and by connecting women worldwide. The internationally successful ‘Female Office Challenge’ series connects women and empowers them within their challenges and business contexts. Maike & Lilli are also the Directors of the first ‘Global Woman Breakfast Club’ in Frankfurt, Germany which launched on October 14th 2018. When did you first come up with the idea for your business “MaL!sh”? And how did it become a reality? Lilli: To start our own business was always on our minds. We have acquired a lot of useful knowledge and experience which we wanted to share. Feedback after coaching, training and mentoring during our professional paths were always extremely positive and have served to encourage us. To empower women, to challenge processes and structures and to come up with ideas for improvement and to initiate their implementation was, and is, part of our character. Maike: We both needed a change in our lives and were convinced that the timing was never as good as now to make a change to our goals – no matter h [...]

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