Louky de Lange The Secret Behind Health Psychology By Reem Soliman  Louky de Lange is a certified psychologist and healing facilitator, international speaker, as well as the founder of the Health Psychology Academy. Louky uses her twenty years of experience as a psychologist for helping people reclaim their health and wellness. She believes in reconnecting people to who they truly are and supporting them to reach their highest potential. Louky shares with us about the human mind and health psychology. Could you tell us more about your childhood, and how your upbringing has contributed to the life that you lead now? My parents are a great example of a loving couple. They have been married for 54 years now and still love each other as much as when they got married. Due to the economic crisis in the seventies, my father lost his job. My mom stepped in and worked as a secretary. Two years later my father found another job and we moved to the centre of The Netherlands. I started high school in a new town, making new friends. I wanted to study medicine, however, I was not great at physics and chemistry. I had to choose languages to pass my exam. After that my parents advised me to go to a secretary school, as I would always have a job. I followed the advice as I thought my parents were very wise. Nine years later, I realised that being a secretary did not make me happy and was not really my own choice. I found that I loved psychology and supporting others to grow to their highest potential.  I REALISED THAT BEING A SECRETARY DID NOT MAKE ME HAPPY AND WAS NOT REALLY MY OWN C [...]

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