Mária Sági  ‘We women should listen to our intuition’ By Fati Gorezi  Mária Sági, a native of Budapest, Hungary, began her career as a classical pianist but turned later to the study of medicine and psychology, specialising in personality theory, deep psychology, social psychology and the psychology of music. She is also the author and co-author of eleven books and over a hundred and fifty articles and research papers on a variety of related topics. She has been a close collaborator of Professor Ervin László in his work on the new paradigm in science and society and has overseen the publication of the Hungarian editions of ten of László’s recent books. How do you remember the beginning of your career? As a pianist I suffered a PE accident. The neurological injury affected both of my arms and it consequently vetoed my original life plan to become a concert pianist. So, instead of the Academy I continued my studies at the Science University where I studied psychology. After getting my degrees I conducted surveys about the psychology of music. Later, I extended my research area to the psychology of art and the problems of social psychology. You are the author and co-author of eleven books and some hundred and fifty articles and research papers. Have you always wanted to be a Writer? (And was there a particular moment you thought, ‘I can do this!’?) I never thought I would become a Writer. However, for me, as a Scientist, it is important to share my findings with people. I find writing the best way to make new findings available to broad segmen [...]

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