Mirela Sula receives “Tradition & Innovation Award” in Milan After an amazing conference last weekend, titled “What’s Wrong With Men, it was a pleasant surprise for all of us to see and hear how both men and women responded in a very positive way.  Then we travelled to Milan to launch the Global Woman Club there. The Monday evening was something very special, as you cannot go to Milan and not use the opportunity to bring women and fashion together. This is exactly what happened, before a delightful dinner was served at the Granaio restaurant. Mirela Sula receives “Tradition & Innovation Award” in Milan The surprise was the fashion show that our Global Woman Club director for Milan, Tiziana Palazzo, had organised, to start this new chapter in a different way. This was all organised with class and style, and as they say “all behind my back”. The surprise did not only include the fashion show but also one of our members and the director of Global Woman Club Belgrade, Lidija Rosati, was there as a model. This is what made the Monday evening memorable for all participants who travelled from all over Italy, but also from London, Stockholm, Madrid, Amsterdam, Slovenia etc. A truly global event. This was followed by a breakfast prepared by the Savini Restaurant in the heart of Piazza Duomo, in the most attractive area of Milan. As always after the networking time, we invited our members to speak about themselves and share their message. And the surprises did not finish here. Global Woman received “Tradition and Innovation Award” fro [...]

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