Mirela Turja I like to dress the strong woman Mirela Turja is a talented fashion designer in Reggio Emilia, dedicated to bringing her unique styles in the show rooms in Italy. Fashion for Mirela is a living art, which from her passion has grown into a successful business. Mirela has realised over the years that it is difficult to sustain a fashion brand if one lacks the business skills. Sixteen years in the fashion designing industry, from a simple employee, Mirela built her fashion design agency which grew into a successful businesswoman, creating collections even for other well-known brands. She shares her successes as her business of fashion has progressed over the years. However, Mirela acknowledges the many challenges of sustaining it in a highly competitive market of Italian fashion. Her biggest motivation is her daughters, who are walking into the footsteps of her mother and sharing the projects of designing together.   Can you tell us what you wanted to be growing up as a little girl? When I was a little girl, I loved fashion and my dream in the drawer has always been to design a collection and realise it. As a child and later, I was always measuring myself and used to make my own clothes, as if I was making them for a model. I started early, on a sewing machine working at home, and created the models. I wanted to study fashion design in my country, but it was impossible to enter the school of fashion there. For that reason and to fulfil my father’s wish, I started studying engineering. When did fashion become your passion? It has always been my passion and I can [...]

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