Michelle Howard My gift, and my aim, is to make people smile Michelle is a wife, mother to two teenagers, photographer and designer. What she is passionate about is being creative and nurturing ideas and dreams, which is something she has always been compelled by since she could hold her first pencil. For her, it’s a gift that she encourages those around her to develop and use, especially her children. She has now started new ventures as she wants to empower women to take their vision to the next level, by insuring their words are as strong as the picture they paint. From this interview you will learn more from her story and her dreams.   What motivated you to change the direction of your life and career after many years? My passion was missing a beat, like an engine that misfires. I began to feel that my identity didn’t belong to me the way it should. I hadn’t realised at the time, that I had started searching for answers and it wasn’t until after being at a top photographer’s workshop, where she spoke such profound words. I couldn’t help but feel compelled to react to them. “If you don’t like what you are doing today, then stop! You won’t succeed with what you hate!” This raw honesty evoked a response within me, and the answer was clear. That I no longer loved what I was doing, it wasn’t my true passion. That ripple, created more ripples. Leading me to changing all of my plans and restarting. I had to overcome feelings of failure, self-doubt, and I had to regain feelings of self-worth and confidence. It wasn’t easy, but cleansing your mindset mean [...]

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