Sam McGratty My mission in life is to find peace  Since being very young she knew that didn’t fit in – She was different. “I saw that as a problem” – Sam says. I didn’t understand that actually it’s a great thing to be different and it’s what makes you stand out with your own beautiful uniqueness and individuality. Today Sam feels very proud for her achievements and her goal is to inspire and empower women around the world. Her story is very profound and her personality very authentic, as she shares with us “This is 100% unapologetically me”. You have been a millionaire in your own right, a successful entrepreneur and property developer – can you tell us more about it? I am truly thankful to my ex husband who had enormous belief in me, far more than I had in myself at the time. I can remember talking him into buying a plot right on the waters edge in Poole Harbour. The local developers wouldn’t touch it because it was too expensive but even so we went to have a look at it and subsequently bought it. This project followed two and a half years of totally re-modernising a ten bedroom Victorian mansion on the edge of the Peak District and selling for a handsome profit. This gave my husband total faith in my gut feeling and vision that I had for this seaside development opportunity. To my delight this too turned out to be a great success and after blood, sweat and some tears from the ruins of a two bedroom bungalow, came the most breathtaking five bedroom house with infinity pool, boathouse and jetty. It was even better than I could have ever ima [...]

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