Nancy Mayer Business is a game – learn the rules and how to play   By Fati Gorezi Nancy Mayer is the lead consultant at Power Play Profitability Solutions; a consulting company that helps small and medium businesses realise their vision faster.  These results are delivered by combining the best of the traditional business models with the more iterative Lean models. Services range from establishing a solid foundation with strategic and business planning, to the performance acceleration of project delivery and sales impact, to rapidly expanding growth through designing and facilitating effective Advisory Boards. Nancy is passionate about entrepreneurship and has a history of building a variety of businesses. How do you remember your early life? Fearless with BIG dreams.  I knew from an early age that I wanted to become a “Patron of the Arts”.  At 12 years old I remember listening to a transistor radio and picking “hits”.  I loved all the arts but was not particularly talented. My talents were more on the business side and I have always seen myself at the crossroads of business and creativity. I have always been an opportunist (in the most positive sense of the word) and my biggest opportunity as a professor’s daughter was a free education.  I did my undergraduate in Economics and Computer Science and went on to do my MBA in International Business and Arts Administration. I chose to go into the more commercial arts and music and dancing were always my passion.  I started in radio promotion and publicity and worked with many of the top independen [...]

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