A NEW YEAR’S REFLECTION BY JUDY PIATKUS Twenty years ago, in 1997, my company hired a business consultant to advise on what we hadn’t realised we didn’t know and might need to know. He interviewed all the staff and presented us with a clear conclusion at the end of his visit. We needed to set up an IT department so we could communicate both internally and externally via email. Twenty years ago very few companies who we dealt with were emailing one another. We became one of the early adopters of email in the publishing industry. It seems extraordinary now to think this only happened twenty years ago. How much and how fast has our world changed! Mark Zuckerberg originally launched Facebook in February 2004. By the beginning of 2007 everyone with an email address was able to create their own page and begin the conversation. That was just ten years ago and since then Facebook has grown to be one of the most powerful influencers on the whole planet – along with every aspect of social media. I mention these two examples to remind how little we can know about the future. We are living in times of huge change and the major changes that affect our lives do not necessarily come from the directions we expect. All of us have dreams of the changes we would like to see in the world. Now is a good time to begin to visualise the things we especially care about getting better rather than worse. In ten years time I think it perfectly possible that we will have a completely different monetary system – with or without cryptocurrencies – although my inclinati [...]

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