Ona Brown Following the path of my father  By Fati Gorezi  Ona Brown is the “success-ologist” who escorts individuals, teams, corporations, and non-profits on the journey to discovering how to excel beyond any seeming limitations and/or obstacles by activating their personal and professional power. Ms. Brown has motivated tens of thousands throughout the United States and in over seven different foreign countries over the past 22 years. Ona Brown is a proven self-development vehicle, providing accelerated success strategies by awakening undiscovered personal power, boundlessly expanding visions and building sky-scraping dreams. How did you begin your speaking career? I often say that I ran from speaking until it caught up with me. I didn’t see myself as a Speaker. I saw myself as a shy, quiet, country girl from Kentucky, and that limited perception that I had of myself made me unwilling to be open to the possibility of speaking professionally…which is what I have now been doing, nationally and internationally for over twenty three years….and I love it! It was an interesting situation when my father came to live with me, and one day he was eavesdropping on my phone calls.  After my call, he asked me if we could have an important conversation.  When I went into the room to talk to him, he told me, “ninety nine percent of the people that call here, you uplift them, you encourage them, you give them techniques to take their lives to the next level, Ona, you are a power speaker, and a powerful coach, you are just using the telephone as your microphone.” [...]

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