Claudia Adler – Promoting gender equality and women’s rights By Fatima Gorezi Claudia first began working with community projects when she visited Uganda for the first time in 2015.  It was this experience that made her understand the value of education and its potential to change generations. Her passion for humanitarian issues began when she was at university studying Law. This later led to her embarking on a MSc in International Humanitarian Issues. Claudia has worked with a range of event portfolios across many industries. “Raices” is a social enterprise that strives to create its own footprint on the issues that it brings to the table. Tell us more about your background and early life? I was born in Colombia, Medellin, in the 80’s when violence was at its peak, making it a very dangerous place to live. Our family had a very difficult start; my mother was one of eleven children. She was left by my father and had to take care of me in a poverty-stricken barrio at the hands of an abusive father. Those set of circumstances and her wish to offer me a better start to life was what made her leave Colombia and emigrate to England. I arrived in London when I was 5. Our lives bettered in terms of security and the opportunities which were available to us, but we faced challenges as two females, who were illegal immigrants and didn’t have a support network. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone, but when I look back at that period in my life I know it’s played a very big part in shaping the woman I am today.   In all of that confusion and difficulty, [...]

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