Sari Ricciardella The hard times of a business failure and bouncing back again By Lida Cena  We commonly hear endless pages of successful business stories, but business people rarely share their stories of failure. Sari feels compelled to share her story with us, her tough times decisions made and how her business went from being successful to recently collapsing. She was the only woman among male friends who had to “grow ‘balls’, learn to drink and become ‘one of the guys’”. Her company, OVH Cart, started when she was of a young age and required a lot of sacrifice. In this interview, Sari shares her deeply heartfelt story of the hard times of her business failure and what drove that. The experiences of the difficult times often go beyond finances; they rather affect the personal aspects of identity and self-worth. This is one of the rare stories that business people prefer not to talk about, but Sari has bravely chosen to open up about how it feels to experience a business failure, a self-evaluation process of what it means, seeing the doors close on one venture and thinking ahead to opening those of another. Sari gives a strong message to those who may find themselves in similar situations and how to get through the roller-coaster entrepreneurial journey.   What was your business? I bought my company OVH Cart in 2002. Almost everyone has been using my products as the company was selling shopping trolleys or shopping carts, depending how you want to call them. I was 27 years old when I started, I had six employees, only one of them was a woman and most of m [...]

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