Seema Malhotra Women need to be involved in politics more than ever before By Trevor Clarke Seema Malhotra is a Labour party MP for the constituency of Feltham and Heston in west London. She has served as a Shadow Minister for Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls, as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and is presently an active member on the Brexit committee, featuring prominently in the media with her views about this. Seema also founded the Fabian Women’s Network. We get an insight here into her background and influences, and the challenges of being a child born in Britain to parents of an Asian background and being “different” at school. Seema also gives her perspective on some very topical issues.   What are the main memories you have of your childhood, and how has that influenced your life to the present day? I grew up in an Asian family in west London. My parents had come from India in the 1960s and had come to live and start a family here. They had both experienced the time of partition and both sides of my family had been refugees at that time. They had had to leave everything behind. My grandfather had carefully locked the new home he had moved his family to in what is now Pakistan with padlocks but they were never to return. It was my father who had come to England first as an engineer through the Indo-German institute and my mum came with him two years later. We grew up in a family of eight – my parents, grandmother and five children all born in London. Life was a struggle for my parents – and to keep the family together they started a l [...]

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