Speak your way to success Win that deal, promotion or trust of the board through effective communication How you act in an important meeting speaks volumes, warns Richard Newman. Here, the award-winning communications expert reveals the simple things we can do to sharpen our game – and our tongues. Richard  has coached more than 50,000 people from 45 countries worldwide and clients include a Formula One team, celebrities and international business leaders. He won the 2014 Cicero Grand Prize Award for Best International Speechwriter, selected from 500 professionals worldwide, and his groundbreaking research into non-verbal communication, conducted in conjunction with UCL, was published by the Journal of Psychology in 2016. The research showed that professionals can increase the rating of their leadership skills by 44 per cent with a few simple changes in their communication style. Richard’s new book, You Were Born to Speak is available now, priced £14.99, from Amazon UK  and from www.borntospeak.com . Profits go to AfriKids, Room to Read, and the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation. Global Woman sits down with award-winning corporate communication expert Richard Newman to discuss the importance of developing strong speaking skills in a work environment. Global Woman (GW): It’s well documented that females speak up less than males in business meetings. How can female professionals redress the balance? Richard Newman (RN): It’s essential to give your ideas a voice. If you can give input to the agenda before the meeting then add an item you would like to [...]

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