Suriati Supani- Live life by your own rules! By Fati Gorezi Coming from Singapore city, Suriati understands the needs and concerns that city people may have when experiencing nature tours. While Suriati has lived in Norway since 2009, she designs ‘Scandiplanet’s’ packages with foreigners in mind. Suriati has first-hand experience of various Norwegian cultures and traditions. She is conversant in the Norwegian language and this has helped her to embrace the locals’ unique way of life. In putting her Norwegian skills to the test, Suriati took the lead role in a Norwegian play in 2015. Her performance was well-received, and she continues to challenge herself and push boundaries in her business and personal life. What does being a successful woman mean to you? In my opinion, a successful woman is one that celebrates her femininity, while not necessarily being a feminist.  The business world has for a long time been a male-dominated one. Some women believe that they have to adopt masculine traits to succeed in business.  However, of late, many successful business women have paved the way and established “SOFT POWER” as the way to go in business. As Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Bertha von Suttner puts it poignantly:       ”Up to now only masculine emotions have been decisive in shaping society. Not until feminine emotions get the same scope as the masculine, not until the one extreme can keep the balance with the other, when his severity can balance out her extreme softness and the latter his too great severity, not until then will society be able to [...]

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