Suzanne Franco Writing inspiring stories of heroic women By Fati Gorezi  More than twenty-four years have passed since the birth of democracy in South Africa and Suzanne Franco is proud and inspired by the commitment to equality and compassion of her ‘Rainbow Nation’. Suzanne believes our modern society will be equally inspired by true stories of, sometimes forgotten, heroines. Uncovering real-life drama intrigues Suzanne and historical novels provide a platform for her inspiring story telling. Suzanne’s debut historical novel, “Exile Child”, received exceptional reviews from major newspapers and magazines.  Suzanne has featured on many radio and TV shows and is often a guest motivational speaker at many South African government initiatives. What is your background? How would you describe your early life? I grew up in apartheid South Africa and after living in the UK as I child I was very confused by the living conditions in South Africa at the time.  I couldn’t understand why all people were forbidden to live alongside each other. I had not seen this in the UK and the forced segregation in South Africa left me feeling confused and uneasy.  It was only when I was much older I began to understand the complexity and oppression that was buried deep within our society. How would you describe your experience of writing novels? Writing true life novels of brave South African women who stood up for their rights and fought oppression was an outlet for me against the injustice I witnessed as a young child.  I didn’t always know I would be an author, and most cer [...]

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