Tanya Spirit  Passionate about women’s empowerment By Fati Gorezi Tanya Spirit is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, international dancer and a survivor who has reclaimed her power to rise and take her place as a ‘Warrior’. She is a female activist in helping women all over the world reclaim their personal power and create meaningful transformations in their lives. During her life she has overcome tremendous adversities and uses these in a transparent and practical way to illustrate human behaviour when it comes to trials, challenges and setbacks – but most specifically when it comes to how it affects our mindset, energetic vibration and ultimately the lives and situations we create in our external world. From flying high as a pioneering entrepreneur, founder of the ‘Female Tribe Network’ and the ‘Feather Awards’, her life as an international dancer came crashing down when she was permanently disabled overnight, pulling her down into a world of despair and depression trying to survive and take care of her daughter with Downs Syndrome. How would you describe your early life? How did the passion for dance begin? My early life was an interesting experience since my heart always longed for a world deep in the jungle which has translated into much magic throughout my life. Dance developed from being an international athlete’s daughter. My passion for movement was born young and developed into discovering ‘fusion’ approaches. How did you first get involved in helping women all over the world to reclaim their personal power and why? I have always be [...]

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