The evolutionary Global Woman, Barbara Marx Hubbard left our world The visionary and peacemaker, legendary global woman left our world to begin her journey to her next home. It is with deep sadness that we now share the news that our beloved Barbara Marx Hubbard passed away today, at the age of 89. There aren’t enough words to describe this extra ordinary human being, but Global Woman has been deeply blessed and honoured by her presence at some of our previous events, which enabled the possibility for us to listen to her wisdom and to be co creating together.  Barbara Marx Hubbard was an author, speaker and the co-founder and president of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution. Her co-chair at the foundation, Marc Gafni, has portrayed her essence with words of an ”Evolutionary Story Teller” and ”A memory of the future human”, and Dr. Deepak Chopra described her as ”The voice for conscious evolution of our time”.  Barbara Marx Hubbard was a feminine co-creator, reborn again and again through a process, described by herself, as Regenopause. Her message being, we are all ”personal expressions of the evolutionary impulse itself”, and all of us worthy of infinite dignity and joy. Together with Mr Gafni, she placed the heart’s desire at the center of the evolutionary human wheel of co-creation.  The career of Barbara Marx Hubbard consisted of many great achievements. She held a B.A. cum laude in Political Science. In the 1970’s she formed The Committee for the Future in Washington DC, and she co-invented and developed a new social progress, moving towar [...]

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