The Global Woman Book  Netherlands- Awaken the Lioness within   By Fati Gorezi There are a few things in life that can impact the way you view the world like an inspiring book. Whether you are looking for career advice, or a cure for a broken heart, this book will stay with you long after the last page. ‘’Awaken the Lioness within’’ is an incredibly powerful book. It has the ability to suck you in, take you to new depths and influence the way you think. It also gives you new perspectives and helps shape you in new ways. ‘’Awaken the Lioness within’’ is a book with ten inspiring stories of ten women from across the world who excel in their respective domains and radiate inspiration through their accomplishments. This eclectic mix of global women include Giovana Vega, Monique Dekker from The Netherlands, Sylwia Piatek from Poland but who lives in Belgium, Sandra Fisser from The Netherlands, Sylvia Mattens, An Gooris and Carine Nijs from Belgium, Simone Heijhoff , Mikki Brown, Janine van Throo, and Carolien ter Lindenn from the Netherlands. This book therefore brings together ten exemplary women that, although from different fields, all share one thing in common: inspiration for empowerment. This is the vision and objective guiding the Global Woman movement. EMPOWERMENT! It is dedicated to promoting the adoption of a new world-changing model by converging female professionals from all over the world, regardless of culture, age or race showing that women are a real force and treasure in our global society. Empowering women to participate fully in public li [...]

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