THE GLOBAL WOMAN BUSINESS FORUM AMSTERDAM SUNDAY – Saturday 30 September – AMSTERDAM This Forum is designed to help you as a woman grow, through having greater confidence and self-belief, and to empower yourself through gaining financial freedom to live the life that you want to lead. Global Woman is on a mission to encourage women to come together and play a role in building and empowering themselves to be a leader in business, social enterprises, and their communities. This event will help us all to believe in feminine values that both women and men share, and the need to make this world more equitable, humane and sustainable. We have brought together the most successful speakers and leaders who are redefining the pathways to power — in business, in communities and in the social causes they champion. The Global Woman Business Forum will inspire, encourage and empower you to achieve greater wealth, health and success, regardless of your background or age, and to take action and take charge of your life. On 30 September you will be given the tools and self-belief to empower you to financial freedom, as well as the courage to create, start or build your own business, or take it to the next level with your established business. The speakers at this event are all entrepreneurs and leaders, who are passionate about their area of expertise and are happy to share quality tips and techniques for your growth and empowerment. YOU WILL BE EMPOWERED AND MOTIVATED TO ACCELERATE YOUR JOURNEY AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. What makes a Global Woman event different and so specia [...]

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