The Light of the DARK ZONE How to reach the next power level By Mirela Sula People who have heard me speaking on stage, they know about my biggest topic that I always bring to their attention, and has now turned out to be my favourite one. It is called “The Dark Zone”. We all go through a curve which can start at any point, but most of the time we remember the peak starting point: When we start something exciting, that gives us hope for the future and our growth. As long as we see that we are growing, our curve goes up, but if for any reason something goes wrong (or in other words, not as we predicted it) then we see it going down. Sometimes the ups and downs don’t impact us, as long as we don’t get stuck, and we still see some light on the way that can help us stay away from darkness. But sometimes,if for any reason we feel that we don’t have control of it, that is point when we get scared of the “dark zone” approaching, and once we get there that’s it. That’s the end! The truth is that, sooner or later, we all touch that zone, we all have to pass there, and in fact we all have been there. You may think it is darker for some, and lighter for others. Trust me, the only difference is how we respond towards it. It is not the event that hurts us, it is the perception and the ability to respond to it that does it. This is what I was thinking while reading about the Caroline Flack tragic death this weekend. She was not able to cope with that “dark zone” and go through, to survive it. The fact is that when we work so hard and invest so much to win our pa [...]

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