Galina Hartshorn The Ultimate Women’s Guide to Steering Your Own Destiny By Fatima Gorezi Galina Hartshorn is a Mindset and Growth Coach, with a background in Medicine, PhD, a General Adult Nurse based in Nottingham, UK. She is also the director of Global Woman Club Nottingham. As a Mindset Coach, Galina helps individuals and companies to set and achieve “A Dream with Deadline”, change their ineffective patterns of thinking and live healthy and happy lives. Galina believes that it is the most modern industry in the world to teach people about themselves and how to get the best out of themselves. For more than  25 years Galina has developed the passion for The Law of Attraction, Positive Thinking and Positive Energy. She shares with us some of her personal and professional journey and talks about how your thoughts and mindset determine your choices and shape your life-changing decisions. Give us a sense of who you are as an individual, in addition to this great work you are working on as the director of Global Woman Club Nottingham? Just imagine a very successful, well-educated woman, who, having just completed a PhD in Medicine in Moscow, with a fantastic career ahead of her, met an incredible English man, eventually deciding to marry him and move to England.  That was me 20 years ago. Coming to England was a very tough decision.  No friends, poor English, no job, no cultural knowledge. I started everything from scratch. It was like building your life again on another planet. I didn’t have time to adapt before I had our first child, so I started to learn t [...]

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