Viola Gjylbegaj – Be guided always by your passion   By Fati Gorezi Viola Gjylbegaj, was born in Albania and finished the Pedagogical High School in 1999 and then she left Albania to study her bachelor’s degree in Italy at La Sapienza University of Rome. Since 2011 she has been ‘Assistant Professor of Mass Communication’ at Abu Dhabi University in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has written for many publications in important journals in the field of ‘Media and Communication’ and has participated in many international Conferences in the UAE, Oman, Italy, France, Austria, Germany and Turkey etc. Recently she has been awarded the ‘Teaching Award’ from the ‘College of Arts’ of Abu Dhabi University for the year 2017 and the ‘Collegiality Award’ for 2017. What is your professional background? I am an Albanian woman, a very responsible, motivated and enthusiastic University Professor, a Writer, Translator and Media researcher. My studies were completed at one of the best universities in the world, ‘La Sapienza University’ of Rome, in Italy. My background is varied: I studied first a BA in ‘Foreign Languages and Literature’, and then a Second BA in ‘Publishing and Journalism’. I continued with a Masters in ‘Linguistic- Culture Mediation’ and a PhD in ‘Linguistics’. It makes me very proud that I have had a scholarship during all my studies from the Italian government. I am the author of two books published in Italy with ‘Aracne Editrice’ and I have around 20 papers published in the proceedings of International Conferences in the field of Medi [...]

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