Eylem Şakir  Why Women Add Value to Business and Community By Fatima Gorezi  Eylem Şakir is an Award Winning International Property Lawyer, established six companies, Mentor and Philanthropist. After working at the European Commission, KPMG and in one of the leading law firms in Cyprus, she eventually decided to establish her first firm, founding Eylem Şakir and Associates Law Firm. As an advocate but also as a woman passionate about women empowerment, her vision is to be a role model to encourage women globally towards financial freedom by educating them on investments especially on real estate investments so women can reach their potential. She believes that knowledge is power and to educate women in global economics will ensure them reaching their full potential. For future generations to come, she claims, we need to empower and add value to each other as women. Eylem believes that economic independence is about expanding the capacity of women to make genuine choices about their lives through full and equal participation in all spheres of life. It is about recognising women’s work, paid and unpaid, as valuable, both socially and economically. Eylem, how did you become such a success story ? Since my childhood, I have always been a very creative, ambitious and disciplined individual. Society often lacks female role models to show what can be achieved as a woman, so I decided to take on that role and to act to improve gender equality in my country and studied law. I always believed the secret to becoming a successful and a happy individual was through indepen [...]

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