Women unite & speak up!  The female perspective on things is more important than ever! By Ellen Smith According to a popular saying, you either love something, you leave it or you change it. – Wilma Haeusler decided on change. A look at the Forbes list of the 100 most innovative leaders shows 99 men and only one woman! Women are still paid less than men and all the years of flower-power, bra-burning, emancipation and working women have not changed the perception that women are NOT innovators. Yet they truly are. Wilma herself is one of them and an active ambassador for innovation. So – at the age of 50, she created the Female Innovators Club. Change and empowerment has been a common theme in the Wilma’s life. Whether in her studies of politics, philosophy and sociology, or in her business career as communication consultant. She has always taken pride in empowering people  – and will continue to do so with this new adventure.  As an additional project, she set out to write a book on female innovators with the title “we are women – we are innovators!” portraying 25 women around the world and their signature innovation case.  Tell us more about Female Innovators Club. What is the mission? Innovation is key to a prosperous and sustainable future of mankind. In the current situation with the “world on fire” disruptive ideas and innovators are needed. You need multiple perspectives, male and female, to solve the problems we are currently facing. Leaving out 50% of society in finding a solution will simply not deliver the best solution. The femal [...]

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