Workplace equality 257 years away – What GLOBAL WOMEN think By Fatima Gorezi Women consist of about half the world’s population and have an important place in economic and social development. They often face unpleasant problems, including discrimination in the labor market (although they are protected by various laws and conventions). According to the World Economic Forum, it will take 257 years to bridge the gender gap in the workplace. The report states that the number of women in ”old professions” has increased significantly, including in areas such as education, health, economics, etc., mainly as a result of the number of women in politics having increased in many countries. “Women lobby for women.” “Women support women.” The report shows that the number of women who have embraced the new-century,technology-related occupations, is very low. But how is the gender gap in different countries and what to what extent? Global Woman Magazine asked two members living in two different countries with different traditions, histories and socio-cultural backgrounds. Cristina from Bucharest, Romania, Southeast Europe: “Workplace equality for women in Romania has become a key topic of discussion over the past 3-5 years across both the public sector and the corporate world. Women themselves focus more on building a strong career, becoming independent financially while balancing the other aspects of their private life such as taking care of the children, their education. However this ambition and pressure they put on their shoulders often takes its toll and [...]

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