By Rebeca Riofrio   Can you give a brief history on you and the brand and when you decided to become a designer? I launched the Zeynep Kartal brand at the beginning of 2013, following more than twenty years of experience in the fashion industry in a variety of areas including textile, design, production and marketing. Ever since I can remember, designing and creating bespoke pieces has always been my passion.  As a little girl growing up in Turkey, I loved to make dresses for my dolls.  We used to make our own dolls from sticks and my friends would ask me to make clothes for their dolls too. At the age of ten, I attended the local sewing course with my older sister and aunties, and in my later years, I received a symbolic award for my attendance presented by the Ministry of Education. Throughout my teens I would design and make clothes for my friends and family. I have always loved dressing in beautiful clothes, and bringing new designs to life.  Following graduation, I worked as a designer for four years developing my general designing and business skills and was head- hunted by a major textile company in Turkey, which is recognised internationally. My life then took a different path when, having given birth to twin boys, I moved to the UK with my family as my husband was offered a job here. As a result, I spent four years away from the general textile business. With time to reflect on my career in textile, I decided to study fashion design here in the UK. This made me realise how much I enjoyed creating and designing clothes – not producing them in bulk. A [...]

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